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Helping water find impact

Shapiro & Company works with water-related organizations, from startups to utilities, to develop environmental strategies, advance sustainability goals, and scale network initiatives.

We are an environmental consultancy with the Earth as our ultimate client, working towards a regenerative, equitable economy. We are motivated by systems change and scalable solutions, focused on accelerating action in the broader community. We work on projects that advance the public good, open source key learnings, and help clients build long-term capacity.  


We work with water-related organizations, including startups, small businesses, NGOs, governments, and utilities to advance environmental sustainability and stewardship initiatives. We draw on a range of tools and approaches, including impact and innovation strategy, collective action, and behaviour change. The tougher the challenge and more ambitious the goal - the happier we are.

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Impact Strategy

We help clients accelerate their sustainability journey through landscape research, value chain mapping, innovation strategy, and impact measurement.

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Collective Action

We work with clients to thoughtfully scale environmental initiatives through network development, partner engagement, funding strategy, and communication design.

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Behaviour Change

We draw on behavioural insights approaches to understand systems and craft behaviour-based solutions, from streamlining public engagement to driving organizational change.

“A world where systemic environmental and social challenges persist is not a world in which business can thrive and prosper over the long-term. Business cannot succeed in failed societies, nor can it afford to be a bystander in a system that gives it life.”

- Paul Polman -


Our Clients

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About Shapiro & Company

Shapiro & Company is an environmental consultancy focused on accelerating collective action around water, climate, and sustainability challenges. We lean on interdisciplinary experience in environmental science, behavioural insights, innovation strategy, and sustainable business practice to help clients reduce environmental impacts and scale sustainability initiatives. We work best when our clients have ambitious goals, are open to collaboration, and are excited to share project learnings widely. ​


Our principal, Alan Shapiro, draws on more than a decade of experience working on complex water challenges, designing environmental sustainability strategies, and supporting the development of clean technology solutions. Alan is an instructor in the Sustainable Business Leadership program at British Columbia Institute of Technology and an advisor for the Working for Watersheds initiative and Foresight Canada’s BC Net Zero Innovation Network.​

We are a social enterprise with the Earth as our ultimate client. We are committed to supporting impactful environmental projects, regardless of their profitability, and investing our resources to support the transition to a regenerative, equitable economy.

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